Exclusive hand-made bikini's & trunks

Discover our extensive collection, handmade in our studio

Bikini Fitness

At a bodybuilding competition it is very important that you wear a tailor-made bikini that shows your shape well. A narrow waist, long legs and a beautiful cleavage, who wouldn’t want that? Do you have cup size A or B? Even then we ensure that the cups fit perfectly, even during the side pose! We then use our new technology.

Are you going to participate in a competition and do you want us to make your bikini? Schedule your fitting appointment and come to our studio in Valkenswaard. Do you live further away or in another country? We can then easily determine your size remotely. Then send shape photos, body length and circumference measurements of your waist and under the chest via Whatsapp.

We are happy to help you design your unique bikini together.

Pose bikini

Practice posing and send shape photos to your coach in the same bikini you’re wearing on stage? Experience the benefits yourself! Your coach can keep track of your progress much better and you experience what it is like to pose in a bikini. In addition, your competition bikini will remain neat and undamaged in the box.

For the top you can choose from:

– The triangle cups, this model is often chosen at NPC competitions.

– Bra model, this model is usually chosen at IFBB competitions.

You can choose from the following options for the slip:

– Pro cut

– Classic cut

– 1/3 coverage of the buttocks