Elodie Puraye

Woont in: Nederland
Geboortejaar: 1986
Klasse: Bikini Fitness

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My name is Elodie and I’m 36.

I’m from Liege Belgium. I’m an IFBB Bikini Pro and the 1st Belgian bikini pro.

I’ve earned my pro card in Coventry, UK, in 2018, wearing a Bedazzled bikini. The bikini division may be one of the (or even “the”) hardest division regarding the criteria. Actually there aren’t any cookie cutter criteria. You must have “it”. You must present the whole package. Every single detail matters. Overall frame, of course, overall presentation, you must be “not too lean” but “not too soft”. Posing, tanning, shoes, jewelry, hair cut, complexion, make up, bikini, obviously

And the choice of your bikini plays a huge rôle when it comes to confidence on stage. I trust Bedazzled to help me shine on stage. Bikinis fit perfectly, designs and colors are awesome.

And seriously, the ladies provide a top notch service. Which is also super important. During a prep, everyting can become stressful. Working with the girls equals no worries.

I know my bikini will be perfect.