Marjelle de Cock

Woont in: Nederland
Geboren in: België
Geboortejaar: 1981
Klasse: Wellness

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My name is Marjelle De Cock i am 26 years old. I’m competing as a Wellness Athlete. Weighting 71kg off-season and 65kg on stage.

My journey started in Belgium with the Bifbb. I did some small competitions in the Netherlands to reach my A status. In 2 years i won 4 competitions, after reaching my status i could compete at the nationals. I won the Belgian championships in 2019 and also took the overall woman. The same year i also won the JBC grand prix in the Netherlands.

Next stop would be Arnolds Classics in Spain! Unfortunately Because of the Covid this dream was put on hold. The year after I changed to NPC because they organized more international competitions and the judgment and rulebook suits better with my physique.

I competed in the Netherlands to get my regional certificate in 2021 i took 1 st place. My sponsor Body and shape store and the Npc bond supported me with my journey to Austria where 1 week later I competed again and took my Pro card! I am so grateful for all these opportunities.

I’m now a ‘Pro athlete’ this means i am allowed to enter the Pro competitions everywhere in the world. This is a big step so i want to work on my physique more before i do my Pro debut. 

These bikinis of Bedazzled! by Manouq definitely made a different on stage! When there is doubt between 2 athletes, the full package you are presenting and posing can really make a difference! 
So i’m really grateful for Bedazzled! to make my look complete every competition!The bikini’s are anti-slip with extra protection on the sides, as you know in NPC these can be really fragile! And their latest collection contains now a insight technique for the top, and also new fabrics and colors; i would highly recommend this brand!