Maria Sava

Woont in: Nederland
Geboortejaar: 1993
Klasse: Bikini Fitness

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My name is Maria Sava, 27 years old.
I’m competing in Bikini Fitness class.
Weighting 54kg off-season and 47kg on stage.

Competing in SAP Cup where I won Bikini 1, Overall and The Best Female Athlete.
I’m just at the beginning of my journey in this sport and I’m working hard to go far since my motto is: “Everything or nothing”

As you might already know, the shape presented on stage is so important but its not enough in order to impress the judges.
The Full Package you are presenting, from hairstyle to skin quality, make-up and smile, has to be prepared in detail.
And there is where Bedazzled by Manouq’s bikini’s are playing a very important role!
It not only needs to have the most beautifull color but it has to worked in such way that its highlighting your figure.
It has to shine and make you feel comfortable and exactly that’s what Bedazzled! by Manouq’s bikini’s do!